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From Nicosia to Venice and all around the world. 
The story of a nomadic wallpaper

The Story of Nicosia is presented in an allegory. In a literary device, with its immense power to illustrate multifaceted ideas and concepts, easily assimilated and tangible to its viewers. The city required a Wallpaper to stimulate its growth. Suspended right along its center, the Wallpaper gave it a striking imaginary background: a spectacle through the years, contributing to an unexpected Scenario. Gradually opposed along either side of the Wallpaper, the City’s two different parts, -developing different aspirations, abut an aggressive confrontation. A developing megalomania led both sides into a non-comprehensive settlement. Space became the battlefield of conflicting ideologies. Later on, when the Wallpaper’s layers are scraped away, or washed off, different landscapes are revealed. Events from various periods appear, while the City rediscovers its history. The Wallpaper, dividing its core, paradoxically provides space for contact - space, where collective memory was recorded, whilst the City can pursue its identity. 

This is the idea behind Cyprus pavilion at 14th Venice Architectural Biennale. The two young curators Michael Hadjistillis and Stefanos Roimpas built a wallpaper wall inside the Byzantine Palazzo Malipiero bringing the cardboard directly from Nicosia. From June 7th to November 23th everybody can contribute to the deconstruction of the wall cutting away pieces and revealing different spatial configuration and stories hidden under more superficial layers. 

Bruna Vendemmia 

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Biennale 2014_Cyprus report

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